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August 2014 Announcements

  • Schedule Changes
    Are you waking up crazy early from the birds anyway? Join our new 7am Monday and Friday classes! Check the Online Schedule before dropping in

    Starting Saturday August 16- 75 minute Extreme Pilates at 10am! No extra charge for the extra time, just extra butt-kicking.

  • Paula is Finishing her Herbal Wellness Coach Certfication
    Curious? Interested? You are invited to schedule a consultation with her- rates are discounted until she earns her certificate! Visit her website, Paula's Herbals, here
  • Pilates T-Shirts Check them out and get one for yourself at imxbluebell.spreadshirt.com

  • Sports Pilates with Mandie
    Tennis, golf, frisbee, roller derby, or the company softball team- get strong, limber and nimble for your spring sports!
    Ask about how you can benefit from Mandie's Physical Therapy and Pilates training- these classes will teach you to stabilize and strengthen your Spring Sports muscles.
    Contact the studio to inquire about start dates

  • Are you a pilates reformer instructor? Do you know one? IMX Pilates Blue Bell is looking for a replacement for a recently departed instructor- you need to be fabulous, energetic, super nice and a little killer to fill her shoes! Email info@imxbluebell.com for particulars



Thinking About Your Pants Size?

imx pilates blue bell

Think About Pilates!




IM=X stands for Integrated Movement Xercize.
It is pronounced with just the letters, "IMX."
This is an elite fitness formula that integrates the abdominal core and spine strengthening benefits of pilates with strength training and cardio training to increase flexibility, endurance and muscle tone.

Click Here to download
the History Form pdf


What does IMX Pilates look like?
Watch a video HERE


Introductory 10 Class Package Great For Your Summer Workouts
$25 per session, 1 Time Purchase, Available to all members

"I really think I've already gone down a pants size, and I've only taken 5 classes."

Nancy, 56

"I kayaked for 3 hours this weekend and even though I have arthritis in both shoulders, I had no pain thanks to my pilates!"

Kathy J, 57

"Now it doesn't hurt to go up the stairs."

SS 2014

"I got the strangest compliment during my last pedicure- she told me my feet are more muscular and shapely that they used to be!"

PDW 2014

"My husband told me this weekend that I'm standing 'different'- taller, my shoulders are back. I've only had 3 classes!"

SM 2014

"For years, I have been suffering with stiffness every morning. My doctor suggested pilates so I decided to take his advice. Just after a couple of classes, I am feeling a lot better with minimal stiffness in the morning. The stretching has really helped me get back on track!"

AN, 2013

"We took a ski trip that normally would give me sore, tight hamstrings. This time, after 4 months of regular pilates, I had no soreness or tightness- I am amazed!"

SS, 2013

"I can't tell you how much pilates has helped my golf game. I shot my best score last week & felt so strong throughout the full 18 holes. Yay!"

S.B, 2012

"My arms are so tired it hurts to hold a book :)"

E.M., 2012

"I have a better body now at 40 than I did when I was 20!"

A.F., Age 40, 2011

"I have learned to lengthen so much. I was 5'3" in September at my annual physical, and by December at my next appointment I was 5'4"!

E.T., Age 67, 2011

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