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  • Paula is Teaching a Workshop at the Morris Arboretum
    Make-Your-Own Tonic Workshop - Spring Cleaning for the Body! (February 22, 1-3pm)
    This is the perfect time of year to mix up a spring tonic to toast the Spring Equinox. Tonics have been traditionally used at this time of year for centuries, to help the body 'wake up' from the lethargy of winter and prepare for hard work once again. In this fun spring tonics workshop, you will make a delicious Angelica elixir to take home and learn the two main purposes for this herbal medicinal tonic - to either enhance digestion and elimination (think "spring cleaning" for the body) or enhance the immune system.
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  • Schedule an Herbal Wellness Consult with Paula to coordinate your health and fitness goals. Visit her website, Paula's Herbals
  • Are you a pilates reformer instructor? Do you know a good one?
    IMX Pilates Blue Bell is looking for a replacement for a recently departed instructor- Email info@imxbluebell.com for particulars

    IM=X stands for Integrated Movement Xercize.
    It is pronounced with just the letters, "IMX"

    This is an elite fitness formula that integrates the abdominal core and spine strengthening benefits of pilates with strength training and cardio training to increase flexibility, endurance and muscle tone.



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What is IMX Pilates Like?

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"I really think I've already gone down a pants size, and I've only taken 5 classes."

Nancy, 56

"I kayaked for 3 hours this weekend and even though I have arthritis in both shoulders, I had no pain thanks to my pilates!"

Kathy J, 57

"Now it doesn't hurt to go up the stairs."

SS 2014


"My husband told me this weekend that I'm standing 'different'- taller, my shoulders are back. I've only had 3 classes!"

SM 2014













"I got the strangest compliment during my last pedicure- she told me my feet are more muscular and shapely that they used to be!"

PDW 2014


"For years, I have been suffering with stiffness every morning. My doctor suggested pilates so I decided to take his advice. Just after a couple of classes, I am feeling a lot better with minimal stiffness in the morning. The stretching has really helped me get back on track!"

AN, 2013
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